Wix & Wrabness:children with SEN and/or disabilities…what we offer

About us

Wix & Wrabness Preschool believes that all children have the right to broad and balance learning experiences and is fully committed to inclusion for all. This policy applies to all people connected to the setting including staff, visitors, trainees, volunteers, children and families.

We will provide a positive and welcoming environment where children are supported according to their individual and unique needs.

We are committed to working alongside the child and their family, as well as other professionals.

We will respect and uphold the child’s and parent’s wishes and views to work alongside them to support the child to fulfil their full potential.

I think my child has Special Educational Needs, how will you help us?

At Wix & Wrabness Preschool we use the Key Person approach. Your child’s key person will observe your child at play and make assessments regarding their learning and development. You will have the opportunity to share these observations alongside photos and pieces of your child’s work when their key person shares the learning journal with you and your child. You will be regularly invited into the setting to meet with your child’s key person. Staff are available to talk to at the beginning and at the end of every session, our friendly and approachable team are able to assess if your child has extra needs and we can access support from outside agencies and organisations if need be. If you think your child requires extra support, you will be able to raise your concerns to key persons or our manager by coming into the setting you can also telephone or email.

How will you support my child?

Ongoing observational assessments are made of all the children and are linked to the Development Matters ages and stages of development. This identifies areas where your child may need additional support. Your child’s Key Person will discuss these observations with our SENCO (Abby Nicholson) and if additional support is identified this will be discussed with you, in private, and an Individual Play Plan (IPP) will be put in place. This plan will be regularly reviewed with you as your child progresses.

Our trained and experienced SENCO will offer support and advice to you, your child’s Key Person and other staff in our setting. She will also liaise with other professionals such as Area SENCO to seek advice and support in identifying individual needs if necessary.

If we all agree that additional support is needed, a decision to follow the Early Support programme may be made. This would include regular meetings with all professionals involved with your child’s learning and development.

How do your staff and setting support the well-being of young children with SEND?

Our friendly and professional staff take the well-being of the children very seriously. We ensure a happy, safe and enriching learning environment as we believe that when children feel safe and happy their learning and development flourish.

Staff promote positive behaviour by being good role models and support the care of all children. They are also aware of safeguarding issues and how to follow procedures.

At preschool we provide a positive learning environment where activities are adapted to meet every child's individual needs. Visual strategies support children with the routines of the day. We use now and then boards tohelp support children's independence and choices. We also have knowledge of makaton and PECS.

Daily health and safety checks are carried out at the beginning of each day and risk assessments are made with parents as and when they are needed.

Should medication need administering we would ask parents to complete a Medication and Care Plan detailing what is required.

Any allergies are recorded and displayed where all staff and volunteers can see.

Any trips or outings planned are accessible to all of our children, all parents are invited to join us and make memories. Risk assessments are carried out beforehand.

What training do the staff receive?

All staff hold relevant, up to date Childcare qualifications. Every staff member receives Paediatric First Aid and Safeguarding training.

As part of our Continuing Professional Development all staff attend at least one training session a term as well as accessing online training through Essex County Council and Preschool Learning Alliance. All our staff have a working knowledge of children with SEND and have attended Inclusion, SENCO, Speech and Language and Behaviour Management training.

The whole setting is currently involved in achieving the Autism Friendly Bronze Award. We have completed the Inclusion Development Programme (Yr1 Speech, Language, Communication,Yr2 Autism Awareness,Yr3 Behaviour Social Development)

What specialist services are accessed by your setting?

We have close working relationships with the following professionals:

  • Area SENCO
  • Specialist Teacher Team
  • Speech & Language Therapists
  • Physiotherapists
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Health Visitors

We have gained invaluable knowledge to help support the families and their children.

How will you help my child join your setting/transfer to a new setting/school?

Our settling in policy is very flexible, we take the time to ensure that you and your child are comfortable in the setting, some children require shorter initial visits and we will work alongside you to ensure your child settles well. You will be offered visits to come into the preschool with your child, when you feel it is appropriate, you will be asked to bring your child into preschool for a visit without you. Each child will be given visits until they are able to attend the full session. When it is time to move on to infants school, early years teachers from all local schools are invited to meet the children in the setting. We have experience in supporting children with special needs who are transitioning to new schools. We hold transition plan meetings with parents and careers, outside agencies and teachers from the new schools so that strategies are in place to ensure that the move is as smooth as possible. Learning journeys and progress reports are shared with the new school so that they have a good understanding of your child’s needs.

Our accessible environment

Our setting is fully wheelchair accessible and we have sufficient storage for specialist equipment. We have an accessible toilet and changing facilities available. We offer a wide range of equipment and resources to support all children. We have worked hard to create a calming environment by making communication friendly spaces, softening windows by adding neutral curtains and blinds, lowering the ceilings with draped materials and the displays are kept simple. Resources are labelled and stored at child level so that they are able to access them easily. Our outside space, including our undercover area, is accessible to all. We have ample parking right outside the setting.



Who do I contact for further information?

We share information with our families via regular newsletters, text messages, email, face to face and Facebook.

Contact us through our website www.wwpre-school.co.uk

Your first point of contact is our manager: Carlene Stephen 01255 871494 or 07960 918689