COVID 19 Risk Assessment

Staff are still having twice weekly lateral flow tests to ensure the safety of all staff and the families we support. If any member of your household has any symptoms please keep your child off preschool until a negative test result has been obtained.

Families of preschool children can get home testing kits by clicking this link


Regular risk assessments are being done to ensure the safety of our staff and the children and families who use our preschool. If you would like a copy please email us on and we will get a copy to you as soon as possible.


To date we have had no cases of COVID at preschool and thank all our families for following our new procedures and helping to keep us all safe and well.


If your child shows any symptoms of COVID you should get them a PCR test as soon as possible. Should you decide not to have your child tested they will not be able to return to preschool for 10 days. LFD tests are not to be used for anyone with symptoms.

Symptoms of coronavirus