Our news


We are really happy to let you know that we will be holding our Summer Picnic on Wednesday 13th July.

All of our families are welcome to join us on the field behind the village hall, feel free to invite friends and family members along.

This is a lovely way to catch up with other parents, staff and children.

We will be leaving preschool at 11am so if you are able to come and meet us at preschool and help walk the children down to the field that would be great.

Please along a picnic for you and your child. We anticipate leaving around 2pm when the preschool day will end.


I would like to inform you of some changes to the preschool day starting in September.

Like all of you, preschool have been hit with rising costs-electricity, which has trebled, a rent increase of around 899,000% as well as food prices going up and increases in staff costs.

We are having to look at ways at saving money without compromising the high quality care we give our families.

As from September preschool sessions will start at 8.30- it is not economically viable for us to open earlier for the extremely small number of children who require an earlier start. We are also making changes to the times that children can attend preschool until in the afternoon. You will be able to choose from 3 different start times in the morning, whether your child stays for lunch and then a choice of 2 finish times. 



The reason for the later finish times is to allow us to have plenty of time in the afternoons to go out on trips around the village and have a full afternoon session of activities, we have also found that with a growing number of children starting with us a number of sessions are being taken up by children who are only with us a short time into the afternoon session which limits the number of families we can help.

Obviously we recognise that there may be times that you need to pick your child up a bit earlier-just let us know beforehand so we can plan our days accordingly however you will still be charged up until the time your child is booked in for.