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At preschool this half term we are focussing on the children’s fine motor skills.

Fine motor skills help children perform important tasks such as feeding themselves, grasping objects, and writing. The ability to accomplish self-care and everyday tasks by using fine motor skills helps a child's self-esteem and confidence grow.

Some simple activities you can do at home are:

Threading pipe cleaners through colanders

Putting pegs onto objects

Cutting straws, jelly or paper with scissors

Pushing buttons or other small objects into dough

Finger painting

Squeezing sponges

Lego or duplo



While doing our regular fire drills we have identified that the children not having shoes on in preschool is a big drawback when we need to get them outside quickly. Therefore we are requesting that you buy your child a cheap pair of plimsolls with their name in, that they can keep at preschool and change into when they arrive in the morning. These can be bought for around £3.



With so many new children starting preschool we are rapidly running out of space in the children’s peg area.

Could you please provide a few changes of spare clothes,underwear & socks in a small backpack or preferably a drawstring bag. These can be left at preschool and if your child has a change of clothes while they’re with us we will give you the dirty clothes to take home.

All children should have a change of clothes as we do tend to get messy and we are running out of spare clothes especially socks and pants.



Can we please ask that you do not send any toys from home in with your child.

These invariably cause upset as the child doesn’t want to share or they get broken or dirtied and our younger children do not understand why they are not allowed to play with


We continue to ask you to keep your child off preschool if there is a case of COVID in your household. We are very aware that the guidance has changed however in the interests of keeping everyone safe at preschool children should not come in unless they have a negative LFT on days 5 & 6.. If we send your child home with COVID symptoms please arrange a PCR test to be done, if you decide not to do a test your child must stay off preschool for 7 days with a LFT being done on day 6/7 to ensure they are negative



We will be starting a book borrowing scheme in the next couple of weeks.

Each child will choose 2 or 3 books to share with you at home and they can be returned the following week for another set of books.

Staff will help them to choose the books and they will be fiction and non-fiction.

This web page shows the importance of looking at and reading books with your child.