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We are so happy to share with you that we have been graded as Outstanding at our latest inspection. To read the full the report please look in the About Us section of the website and click on Ofsted reports.



We have sent home a fun fundraising activity for you to help raise much needed money for resources and fun things for the children to enjoy. If anyone has any great ideas to help us raise more money please let us know. We appreciate that the cost of almost everything is going up for everyone but every single penny you raise will go straight to making the preschool more fun for the children.



 We provide sun cream for all of the children however if your little one needs a special cream due to skin conditions or sensitivity please send in a named bottle for us to keep at preschool.

If you could pop some sun cream on your child before they come into preschool in the morning that would be so helpful. Even if it is a little cloudy sun cream should be applied every day. 



With the warmer weather hopefully on its way please make sure that your child brings in a sunhat (named) and plenty of changes of clothes...warm weather equals lots of water play. Please make sure you provide a drinks bottle for your child every time they come into preschool.




With the weather getting warmer could you please pop an ice pack into your child’s lunchbox to keep their food cool until lunch time. With so many children in preschool next term we do not have the space to store them in the fridge.

Can we ask that sweets or chocolate bars are not put in lunch boxes

A small packet of crisps or mini cheddars (not both) alongside a sandwich/roll/wrap, crackers or pasta, some fruit or veg, yoghurt and a small sweet treat-one cake bar or packet of biscuits is more than enough for little tummies at lunch time.

We do provide a healthy morning & afternoon snack each day so please be assured that your child will not go hungry while at preschool. 



If your child is unwell please continue to keep them at home for 48 hours. Children who have been given Calpol or Nurofen are not to come into preschool-if they are ill enough to need this they are too ill to enjoy preschool and they do take great pleasure in telling us if they’ve had medicine that morning.

If your child is given a course of antibiotics they should stay home for 48 hours in case of an allergic reaction regardless of whether they’ve had it before.

If your child has COVID please keep them at home until they are feeling better-guidance updated on 29 March states that people with COVID should stay at home for 5 days so we will be updating our risk assessment to reflect that children should only attend preschool once they are symptom/temperature free or after 5 days whichever comes first.



Please remember that, unless booked in for an early start, morning sessions start at 8.30am-due to staffing ratios we cannot let you in before that time.

Please ensure your child is collected at the time you have booked them for. Staffing is arranged around the number of children attending and a late collection could mean we are legally out of ratio. Late collections could also result in a late fee being charged.


CAR PARK We have been again been asked by the school that our parents do not drive into the car park when dropping off children.  Please ensure that your children do not run unattended through the car park. Cars are coming & going all throughout the day and there have recently been some near misses.  Make sure you are with them at all times.